About the High yield Energy Technologies (HyET) group

The companies that form part of the HyET group create technologies that enable commercially viable, large scale access to decentral renewable energy sources. The primary objective of the HyET group is to develop a sustainable and profitable business based on the above objective. At the same time the HyET group pursues an active policy to develop applications of its technologies that support an environmentally sustainable economic development and rural poverty reduction.


Examples are large scale buffering of discontinuously generated renewable energy (e.g. from solar or wind mill parks) using high pressure hydrogen or very low cost building materials: roofing sheets with integrated solar modules.


HyET Solar BV (pdf)
HyET Hydrogen BV (pdf)
HyET NoCarbon BV (pdf)
HyET HyLab BV (pdf)
HyET Pro2NL BV (pdf)
HyET E-Trol BV (pdf)

The HyET group actively supports Africas Eden. Africas Eden  protects equatorial nature by creating tourism related employment dependent on the survival of this nature and by initiating active nature protection projects.